D2.1 - Technical report on the functional requirements for the nowcasting method

D2.2 - WMO SDSWAS review evaluation report (workshop) of SDSWAS products

D2.3 - Assessment report on aerosol monitoring as nowcasting scheme

D2.4 - Study report on short-term aerosol forecasting at sourcedominated aerosol sites

D2.5 - Report on aerosol monitoring methodologies with sky imagers

D2.6 - Uncertainty assessment in state-of-the-art aerosol forecasts based on high resolution modeling

D2.8 - Report on requirements for nowcasted parameters and levels of uncertainty in terms of circumsolar radiation

D3.1 - Report on algorithms for nowcasting methods based on sky imagers

D3.4 - Report on the operation of sky imagers and preliminary validation results including method uncertainties

D3.6 - Report on satellite-based nowcasting methods

D3.8 - Report on comparison of satellite-based nowcasting methods

D3.11 - Report on NWP Var, particle filter and machine learning approaches for short term DNI nowcasting

D4.1 - Validation of nowcasted spatial DNI maps

D4.2 - Guidelines for DNI measurements

D4.3 - Validation of nowcasted DNI methods

D5.1 - Workshop report for the 1st workshop

D5.2 - Workshop report for the 2nd workshop

D5.3 - Workshop report for the 3rd workshop

D5.4 - Report of bilateral consultations with key stakeholders

D5.5 - Report of best practice guideline for DNI nowcasting

D5.6 - Demonstrator for DNI nowcasting tools available online

D6.1 - Communication and dissemination strategy

D6.2 - Report on the results of the scientific dissemination, including submitted and accepted articles, presentations and posters

D6.3 - Report on the results of the broader dissemination, including informative papers produced, the newsletters and the presentations for the webinars and the website

D6.4 -  Final workshop report