Special Session on DNICast Project at SolarPACES 2016

Date: October, 13, 2016

Venue: Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oral Presentations at SolarPACES

A combination of HARMONIE short time direct normal irradiance forecasts and machine learning: The #hashtdim procedure, Carlos Fernández-Peruchena, Tomas Landelius, Heiner Körnich and Martin Gaston Romero

Classifying 1 minute temporal variability in global and direct normal irradiances within each hour from ground-based measurements, Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt, Sandra Jung, and Miriam Kosmale

Short-term forecasting of high resolution local DNI maps with multiple fish-eye cameras in stereoscopic mode, P. Blanc, P. Massip, A. Kazantzidis, P. Tzoumanikas, P. Kuhn, S. Wilbert, D. Schüler, C. Prahl

Application of simple all-sky imagers for the estimation of aerosol optical depth, A. Kazantzidis, P. Tzoumanikas, E. Nikitidou, V. Salamalikis, S. Wilbert, C. Prahl

Atmospheric Extinction in Simulation Tools for Solar Tower Plants, N. Hanrieder, S. Wilbert, M. Schroedter-Homscheidt, D. M. Guevara, F. Schnell, R. Buck, S. Giuliano and R. Pitz-Paal

Posters at SolarPACES

Evaluation of Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer accuracy, L. Vuilleumier, F. Vignola, P. Blanc, J. Badosa, and A. Kazantzidis

A continuous gap-free satellite-derived desert dust aerosol dataset for solar energy nowcasting purposes, Lars Klüser and Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt

Evaluation of enhancement events of solar irradiance due to the presence of clouds at Patras (Eastern Mediterranean), Ioannis Vamvakas and Andreas Kazantzidis

Derivation and forecast of circumsolar radiation from whole-sky cameras and satellite sensors, Luca Bugliaro and Stefan Wilbert and Andreas Kazantzidis

Short-range DNI forecasting by utilizing Meteosat Second Generation data for initializing Numerical Weather Prediction, Heiner Körnich, Magnus Lindskog and Tomas Landelius

Validation of Spatially Resolved All Sky Imager Derived DNI Nowcasts, P. Kuhn, S. Wilbert, D. Schüler, C. Prahl, T. Haase, L. Ramirez, L. F. Zarzalejo, A. Meyer, L. Vuilleumier, P. Blanc, J. Dubrana, M. Schroedter-Homscheidt, T. Hirsch, R. Pitz-Paal

Outline for Solar Measurements Network, L. F. Zarzalejo, L. Ramírez, R. X. Valenzuela, R. Bojo, A. Paz-Gallardo, M. Vasquez, J. Valero, G. García, A. Campos, Ana A. Navarro, J. M. Vindel, S. Wilbert, F. Wolfertstetter, W. Reinalter, D. Schüler, B. Nouri