The Advisory Board will support the project consortium through the help of external experts with key competences in the DNICast field of application. It will also guarantee that the achieved results will be of immediate interest to the project stakeholders.

In terms of composition, the Advisory Board will be made up of representatives from external organisations which have a direct interest in the project, among those having already expressed an interest in the project plus additional experts.

The Advisory Board is chaired by Dr. Chris Gueymard, a worldwide recognised expert who has been active in solar energy applications for more than 35 years. His expertise in the fields of solar resource assessment, solar radiation modeling, radiometry, and their applications for energy production or energy conservation in buildings will be key for DNICast.

Composition of the Advisory Board

The members of the Advisory Board come from the following stakeholders:

- Solar Consulting Services, USA
- Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Spain
- Abengoa Solar, Spain
- AREVA Renouvelables, France
- CNIM, France
- TorreSol Energy, Spain
- IrSOLAV, Spain
- COST WIRE ES1002, EU/International
- TOTAL, France
- Flagsol, Germany
- ARIES, Spain
- ESTELA, Spain
- AF Consult, Spain
- CSP-Services, Germany
- Dexa Solar, Germany
- CDER, Algeria