The central objectives of DNICast are briefly presented below:

Objective 1: The main objective is to establish a portfolio of innovative methods for the nowcast of DNI and to combine these methods.

Seven sub-objectives are included:

The 1st sub-objective is to formulate the requirements of the nowcasting methods.

The 2nd sub-objective is to investigate the role of aerosols in DNI forecast.

The 3rd sub-objective concerns the calculation of circumsolar radiation.

The 4th third sub-objective is to nowcast the cloud field, its properties and the DNI with all sky imagers.

The 5th sub-objective is to improve techniques based on satellite images especially by using additional information on clouds provided by the various channels of the multispectral imager. In this way DNI nowcasts for the forecast window from 5-300 min will be provided.

The 6th sub-objective concerns the improvement of NWP nowcasting methods. The capability of NWP models to nowcast DNI for the time span from 60 up to 240 minutes with a spatial resolution of about 1 - 3 km will be investigated. For this investigation rapid model updates (every hour) and assimilation techniques of the satellite data will be used on a limited area (e.g. for one country).

The 7th sub-objective is to combine these methods, in order to bring more accuracy and reliability in the forecast of DNI over the complete required nowcast window from 1-240min for an optimized operation of concentrated solar technologies.

Objective 2 is to validate the nowcasts and to assess the influence of improvement in DNI nowcasting on nowcasting of CST and CPV plant output

Objective 3 is to involve the potential users of nowcasting methods.

Objective 4 is to assure proper dissemination and exploitation of project activities and results as well as engage the DNICast wider community in a constant interaction and consultation mode