Project Structure

The project is structured in 6 work packages (WPs) and related tasks:

WP1: Project Management (leader: OME)

WP1 deals with both administrative and operative coordination of the project. It accompanies all other work packages over their duration, by providing legal, administrative and financial guidance, as well as by coordinating the implementation of the work programme. Besides a constant dialogue with all consortium members, WP1 closely interacts with two supervising bodies, namely the project Steering Committee and the Advisory Board, as well as the European Commission and relevant stakeholders.

WP2: Prerequisites for nowcasting method development (leader: DLR-SF; participants: ARMINES, CIEMAT, CYI, DLR-DFD, DLR-PA, RIUUK, TROPOS, UniPatras)

WP2 aims at establishing a methodological framework for DNI nowcasting (leader: DLR Institute of Solar Research (SF))

WP2.1 Definition of the requirements of the nowcasting methods for CST (leader: DLR-SF)

WP2.2 Near-real-time aerosol monitoring and very-short-term forecasting (leader: DLR-DFD)

WP2.3 Forecasting of Circumsolar Radiation (leader: DLR-PA)

WP3: Nowcasting method development (leader: SMHI; participants: ARMINES, CENER, CIEMAT, DLR-DFD, DLR-PA, DLR-SF, METEOTEST, SMHI, UniPatras)

WP3 represents one of the core work packages. Several research approaches and tools (e.g.: camera-based, satellite-based, NWP-based methods, ground measurements) will be combined together to offer innovative and more reliable DNI estimate methods.

WP3.1 DNI nowcasting methods with all sky imagers (Leader: UniPatras)

WP3.2 Satellite based cloud and DNI nowcasting methods for CST (leader: DLR-DFD)

WP3.3 Improvements of NWP based nowcasting methods for CST (leader: SMHI)

WP3.4 Combination of DNI nowcasts from various nowcasting methods (leader: CIEMAT)

WP4: Validation of the nowcasting methods and plant output nowcasting (leader: ARMINES; participants: CENER, CIEMAT, CyI, DLR-SF, DLR-TT, MeteoSwiss)

WP4 will validate DNI forecasting methods through ground measurements of DNI at different sites with high quality datasets. The forecasted DNI will also be combined with plant performance models to allow the nowcasting of the plant output.

WP 4.1 Validation of very short term forecast and highly resolved local DNI forecast (DNI maps) (leader: CIEMAT)

WP 4.2 Validation of short term DNI forecast: (leader: ARMINES)

WP 4.3 CST plant simulation and yield production nowcast (leader: DLR-SF)

WP5: Knowledge sharing and Users' workshops (leader: CENER; Participants: OME, CyI, UniPatras, Meteoswiss, DLR-DFD, DLR-TT)

WP5 will establish a dialogue and cooperation between the consortium and external stakeholders, via workshops and bilateral consultations. Stakeholders will contribute to fine-tune results, particularly with regard to the best-practice guidelines and demonstrator.

WP5.1 User Workshops (leader: CyI)

WP5.2 Bilateral consultations (leader: CENER)

WP5.3 Best practice guideline for DNI nowcasting (leader: ARMINES)

WP5.4 Demonstrator for DNI nowcasting tools (leader: DLR-TT)

WP5.5 Exploitation of results (leader: CENER)

WP6: Communication and dissemination (leader: OME; participants: all)

This WP deals with both scientific and broader dissemination of project results. Working in parallel with all other WPs, it aims at increasing project visibility and at presenting the main results via the most appropriate communication channels.

WP6.1 Elaboration of a communication and dissemination strategy (leader: OME)

WP6.2 Scientific dissemination (leader: UniPatras)

WP6.3 Broader dissemination (leader: OME)

WP6.4 Final workshop (leader: OME)